Star Wars is unique. Star Wars is special.

That’s why so many fans like myself cherish our Star Wars hobby as something that sets us apart yet at the same time brings us together.

Whether you became a fan back when the original trilogy was defining the term ‘blockbuster’, when Darth Maul in Episode I hit our movie screens or later when Clone Wars and Rebels further expanded the galaxy, what ties us together is our love of storytelling.

Star Wars’ ability to tell epic tales in such rich and colourful ways has enthralled us for decades. And so, with storytelling in the Star Wars galaxy accelerating ever faster I’ll use Pink Bantha to reflect upon these changes and consider the state of Star Wars today.

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Latest news?

If you’re looking for the very latest breaking news then StarWars.com is the best place to go. I won’t try to cover every piece of news, instead Pink Bantha will reflect upon fundamental developments in the Canon timeline.

For now please follow Pink Bantha on Twitter to hear about new posts. Thanks for visiting and may the force be with you.


(Updated 20/02/2018)

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