Last Jedi trailer #2 threatens to reveal all

Confusion over who the last Jedi will be still remains

The Last Jedi theatrical poster

The second and probably final trailer for The Last Jedi has been released.

The trailer immediately does away with any suggestion of being a teaser as it propels us straight into the heart of a new galactic conflict.

Teasers worked well for The Force Awakens and Rouge One as we still hadn’t been introduced to the main cast of protagonists. So the power of suggestion worked well.

That’s not the case here. The hard work of introducing characters, places and roles has already been done by The Force Awakens and so this trailer dispenses with any introductions and swiftly moves us into the action.

Spoilers from now on

Reader beware, if you’re following Rian Johnson’s advice and you plan to go in clean, do not read further.

There’s a lot to talk about so let’s focus on a few of the main talking points.

Rey’s training doesn’t go well

Prior to the trailer there was definitely some doubt as to whether Luke was going to train Rey at all. Clearly Rey does start her training with Luke but all is not well.

Exactly why it doesn’t go well remains to be seen but the problem is complicated. To be fair to Luke he’s seen it all a few times over. Following the events of Return of the Jedi he was the last Jedi, before beginning his new Jedi academy only for Ren to murder his students forcing Luke to become the last Jedi again.

So Luke’s mental state must be fragile at best. Does he really want to start training another apprentice?

For sure, Yoda had his doubts about training Luke, but in time we learned that Yoda had essentially been waiting for Luke and his stubbornness was simply a test.

Luke doesn’t want to be tested and as far we we know, wasn’t waiting for Rey.

In addition Rey clearly doesn’t turn out to be a model student. Her powers appear to frighten Luke causing him to say, “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before, it didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

So Luke can see parallels with what has happened before with historically Anakin and in the present day Kylo Ren, and it’s no wonder that he has second thoughts about her training. But the unanswered question is just how far their relationship progresses. Is their relationship intact by the end of the film, is the training ongoing or has Luke walked away?

Rey parentage isn’t an issue anymore

An unexpected result of the trailer is that the issue of Rey’s parentage was hardly discussed at all online following the trailer’s release.

In fact the trailer moved the question on sufficiently that it almost doesn’t matter who Rey’s parents turn out to be.

Anakin’s sole parent wasn’t a force user at all. Instead his power was vested in him by the force itself. So parentage isn’t the reason for force powers, but equally we know that force abilities do run in families.

Prediction: OK, here we go. Rey isn’t Obi Wan or Luke’s child, but Rey was left on Jakku by Luke. This happened because Kylo Ren turned on the Jedi academy, but Luke was able to rescue and hide Rey.

He did this either because she was the only one left or Luke know that she had a strong connection to the force and needed to be protected. Luke left his lightsaber for her to one day find and if the force was willing to then find him.

What do you think? It is plausible.

Goodbye to Leia

Look, no one want’s to address this issue but Leia has to die in this film. She’s just not going to disappear like Luke did.

The tragic circumstances around Carrie Fisher’s death has meant that Lucasfilm had to change the story and probably reshoot some scenes in order for Leia to leave the story.

But I’m really not sure I can take Ren killing Leia as well as Han. That’s just too much. But if not Ren then who and how?

This line of thinking does leave out one major possibility, and that’s that the original story included Leia’s death anyway.

This I’m afraid is a distinct possibility. Ren and Rey are going to make it to the final movie. The story is after all about their journeys to find their place in the force.

The Jedi and the Sith

Episode eight and nine will also answer the question of whether the Jedi will actually return in any sort of meaningful capacity.

If Lucasfilm do want to pursue this storyline then Rey will definitely survive the Last Jedi. But who would be the enemy in the next trilogy? Because if anything is for sure, there will be another trilogy.

Or if Rey fails to find what she’s looking for in the Jedi Order, will she pursue her own path, much as Ahsoka Tano did?

Equally Ren still seems to be fighting to achieve his goal, with temptations of the light side hindering his progress.

Will we see a new force order emerge or will the Jedi and the Sith ultimately return to continue their epic struggle for balance?


What we do know if that the second installment of the new trilogy is definitely going to move the story forward, and not just a little but a lot.

Whoever you’re a fan of, The Last Jedi is set to serve up a galactic treat that all Star Wars fans will enjoy.

Pink Bantha’s tickets are booked. We’ll see you there!

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